EPK - Kevin Paul

I think I've found heaven. No seriously, this is some of the best instrumental music I've heard in a long time, and I listen to a lot of this kind of stuff. It's got all the aspects that make a great instrumental, and Kevin ‘Stik’ Paul uses all of them to his complete advantage. If you love instrumental guitar that has groove, you'll love ‘Ixtapa.’ You'll never look at instrumental rock the same way again.

            -Jonathan Sanders, Gods Of Music

Happy Birthday, Kevin....I'm not even gonna try to match the gift you laid on me Thursday night as you took every song places I never thought they could go. Wow! No Motel 6 ever had magic fingers like that. I'll be feelin' them goosebumps every time I pass Montrose and Ashland.

              -Terry Abrahamson, Grammy Winner, Author and Witness to History

Wow yes that lead guitar is superb . Is that you ? I’ve worked with a few great guitarists . Jimmy page , Eric Clapton , George Harrison .Albert Lee . Would love to re mix this get it huge.

-Stuart Epps, Legendary Record Producer (Review of Warrior)

Veteran lead guitarist Kevin Paul gives you the perpetual feeling that something wonderful is about to happen. That, at any moment, he might actually take flight. He successfully combines melodic improvisation with raw in-your-face power riffing. Kevin is a primordial soup of technical experience, undeniable talent and blissful creativity. - Jammin' Kay Cammon

— ShowBuzzz Television Show

To really prepare yourself for the groovy sensations put on your headphones, shut off your world and get ready to be lured into the Devil´s velvety tempting trap. Forget about technical gimmicks and effects that give the sound a fresh spice. The sound is ages old deriving its true essence and expression from generations of venerable bluesmen. 

                                                         -This review is copyright © by Thomas Gosciniak, and Blues On Stage. 

                          "Keeping the Blues Alive Award" Achievement for Blues on the Internet Presented by The Blues Foundation

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