From the recording Blues, Ballads & Burners

Included on the #1 release from WOA, Independent No. 1's Volume 14.

Kevin Paul's "I Cried For You" featuring Dalis Santiago on vocals is a delightful blast to the past that boasts a deeply timeless resonance and manages to echo the golden era of soul and pop with an effortlessly classic charm.

From the first note, the track envelops listeners in a lush, emotionally charged arrangement that beautifully marries powerful vocals and intricate instrumentation. "I Cried For You" is a stellar example of soul-pop at its finest. Its dazzling vocal performance, embracing arrangement, and emotive lyrics create a listening experience that is both timeless and deeply moving. This track is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic soul influences, reimagined for a contemporary audience with elegance and heartfelt sincerity.

The vocal performance is nothing short of exquisite. Dalis navigates the delicate balance between power and tenderness with impressive finesse. Each line is delivered with a soulful intensity that draws listeners in, making them feel every ounce of heartache and longing expressed in the lyrics. The vocals soar effortlessly, yet know when to pull back, creating an emotional ebb and flow that is both compelling and deeply affecting. The arrangement of "I Cried For You" is also very well-crafted and steeped in sophistication, offering a rich assortment of complimentary sounds that not only enhance the song's emotional impact but also serve as a texturally rich backdrop for the vocals to gracefully dance over.

The bluesy soul piano sets a graceful tone, its warm, resonant chords laying a solid foundation for the track. Complementing this is a lush string section that swells and recedes in legato phrases, enveloping the listener in a cocoon of sound. The inclusion of pizzicato strings adds a charming, almost playful texture, punctuating the song with moments of lightness that further enrich the experience. Expressive brass elements inject bursts of vibrant color into the arrangement, their bold tones providing a striking contrast to the gentle, swaying percussion that anchors the track. The percussion is understated yet effective, gently guiding the rhythm without overshadowing the more emotive elements of the song.

Of course, all these elements are made even more engaging thanks to the accomplished performances that bring them vividly to life. This results in a wonderfully free-flowing piece of music that's full of both charm and heart.

"I Cried For You" is a deeply charming classic soul-pop track and I'm sure fans of the genre will find it to be a worthwhile listening experience.
Andre Avanessian, Radio Airplay